Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sacred Threads

 I am honored that 2 of my quilts were accepted into the
Sacred Threads Show.
The robins will be taking a trip to Virginia.
Gathering for the trip south.
The name fits this show.
 Also going is Wolf River.
Another favorite.
I have been working on some enchanted flowers
for the FibR August show. I am also entering this
In Full Bloom for Houston. 

Needless to say I am behind for my solo show in August,
I have plenty of smalls but need some larger work.
Now I wish I had not signed up for QSDS 2015.
I will have to work on these quilts at QSDS
Maybe Rosalie Dace will inspire me to new heights.
I am sure she will.
Have a great week-end.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

IMA Indiana artist show.

 These are a few of the paintings from the Indiana artist
displayed at the IMA.
 I just took photos of the ones I liked.
It is a great show and worth the trip to see.
 This is the only fiber piece in the show.
The photograph does not do it justice.
The colors glowed.
 Here are two close ups.
The fabrics were more like upholstery and velvets.
Thick heavy fabrics.

 The still life was really nice.

 I am always drawn to trees and landscapes.
This old mill is by Dan Woodsen.
Than the winter scene.
Makes me want to take my brush out
and start painting again.

Monday, April 20, 2015

IMA Cutting-edge fashion

 We visited the fiber exhibit at the museum
after our luncheon meeting of the Indiana
SAQA group. I said I would show you some
of the fashions. I remember making a black silk
outfit in 1960 like the orange silk outfit
on the right. I always liked black and silk. 
 I thought the coat of cutouts was interesting.
 Some elegant fashions with bustiers.
 This vest caught my eye and made me think
of Jamie Fingel with the zippers.
 This  japaneese outfit got a chuckle out 
of all of us.
 Then there is the dinner jacket in black.
Tounge in cheek not the silver ware.

 This little floral dress was my favorite.
I remember lots of those floral prints in the 70's
This show featured works by Rudi Grenreich,
Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen,
Issey Miyake and Franco Moschino.
 This show curated by Niloo Paydar was
very interesting. She gave us a tour.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

SAQA Indiana meeting.

 Friday I had a pleasant day in Indianapolis at the
Indianapolis Museum of Art. The Indiana SAQA
met to discuss a show we will have at the IMA
in 2016 honoring the quilt life of Marie Webster.
"Dialogues: Contemporary Responses to Marie
Webster Quilts."
We had a great lunch meeting led by
Daren Pitts Redman and Kate Lenkowsky.
 It was nice to renew acquaintances with other
fiber artist from Indiana. We try to meet a couple
of times a year. Next meeting will be in
 Lafayette hosted by the FibR group.
 The meeting was very informative and
helped me gain some insight into what
I can create for this show.
Marie quilted with a pastel palette and
was a traditional quilter. She created patterns
for others to follow. You all know I cannot
follow a pattern and have not done pastels
Something new for me. A good stretch.
 Lively discussions were had by all.
 We finished up with a tour led by 
Niloo Paydar through the fashion exhibit
Cutting-edge Fashion: Recent Acquisitions.
 .Niloo Paydar is the IMA's curator of
Textiles and Fashion Arts.
I enjoyed how passionate Niloo Paydar was
about fashion and textile
and so knowledgeable about fashion through
the ages. Next post I will show you some
of the unique fashions.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sunrise Sunset swiftly flow the days.

 The oak trees are still bare and hopefully will bud out 
soon. The grass is green though.
There is still plenty of beauty to look at.
 That can become art quilts
 Painted and stitched,
 A pile of boards makes and interesting composition.
Then there is always the neighbors wood pile.
Someday he will run out of trees to cut.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

AQS 2016 calender

 I got my copy of the 2016 AQS calendar.
My quilt Wolf River is in the calendar for
That is one handsome quilt.
Today my grandson Hunter is helping me change out the art
at the Farmhouse Restaurant.
I need his muscles to do the lifting.
It is a beautiful morning,
Winter was too too long.
I made the mistake of going to Rossville Quilt shop
Thursday before the FibR meeting.
Another 50 yards came home with me.
I will never live long enough to use this all up.
Oh well.
Such is the life of a quilter.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


 Spring is finally here.
The ducks are back on the pond.
My great grandson loved going down to
watch them swim and to feed the fish.
He stayed with me yesterday.
Wow it is hard to keep up with a 3 year old.
When it warms up I have trouble staying 
in the studio. Nature calls me outside.
 The earth is still brown and messy looking but
soon it will blossom forth in bloom.
The warm times go by too fast.
There is beauty in the brown of leaves too.
Today is the FibR meeting.
I always look froward to seeing my friends.
They are all so intelligent and creative.
Art does feed the soul.