Friday, December 19, 2014

Busy week

Time flys during the holiday season.
Jo Ann's had thread half price and with other coupons
I stocked up for the coming year.
Than finishing up bed quilts so they could be
sent by those guys in the Brown trucks.
Packages sent off on Thursday.
One more to finish the binding on by Tuesday. 
 The little quilt with the Fassett squares was so cuddly
I almost wanted to keep it but it is on it way to Tennessee.
The chenille backing made it extra cozy.
Liz's quilt of Fassett fabrics turned out nice.
Today I had an open studio and enjoyed visiting with
friends. Now you know why you did not hear from me
all week. Cleaning the house and studio so everyone
would think it is always like that. Yeah right.
At least I will have a clean start for the new year.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


 I don't think I have seen the top of this surface
since February. Making some headway.
Nice to have a clean slate to start the New Year.
 This is how far we are in washing fabrics.
The bottom 2 shelves of the left hand cabinet are
still not done. Plus I have a cabinet of commercial
fabrics that haven't been touched.
Bigger job than I thought.
 I also rehung the walls to show this years production.
I am thinking of having a little open house.
Looking forward to the week-end. We are celebrating
our oldest sons 50th birthday.
Time does fly.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Some of my favorite things.

My favorite spot in my home.
Sitting at my machine.
In the studio creating new art.
Almost have it cleaned and ready to go for another year.
 The river that flows through our county.
It has been a cornerstone in our history.
Water inspires me love the reflections.
Dreamy fall photo.
Last but not least TREES,
I have always had an affinity for trees.
As a child I spent hours in tree forts up in the
oak trees playing and dreaming.
It seems like most of my art has trees in it.
They inspire me, shade me and are beautiful.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Washing all the fabric in the studio.

Last month I decided to wash all my fabrics to remove
the chemicals used in processing.
What an endeavor.
One I have too much fabric.
It is making me think twice about going into a fabric store.
I will need to live to the ripe old age of 100 to use it all.
Two it has been a challenge not to stop and start creating
something. The beautiful fabrics give me ideas and they
flow under my iron. The urge to stop and start making
is hard to resist. I am about half way now.
I am determined to finish by the end of the year.
After all January 1st is when I start next years quilts.
I have a flower theme show and the Chair show in
August. Today my helper and I will do the Christmas
stockings. We will stay away from the irons for a week.
While off to stuff stockings.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

93 years young

This is the new painting my friend Doris B. Myers did for
the winter d├ęcor in the Farmhouse Restaurant. Doris is 93
and she still has it. This is a 48 by 40 painting.
Not an easy size to handle.
I hope someday I can paint this good.
If you are in Indiana and headed south on I-65
look for the Fair Oaks Dairy Adventure.
The Restaurant is part of this property.
Stop in for a good meal and take a look at the art.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Quilt

 I finally have my laptop back. Happy.
My desktop needs to go back to the tech.
Computers!  how dependant we become.
This is a new quilt I made for the Farmhouse Restaurant.
I used a photo of my backyard pond as inspiration.
To add that holiday sparkle I used gold leaf.
I especially like it on the edges of the oak leaves.
Notice how wonky my quilt is.
I find that piecing is difficult for me.
I am too hyper to do the meticulous work required
for precise joining. Must work on that, slow down and
be more careful. I took my show with the big quilt
down yesterday. Brent and Brandon  my grandsons
helped me. What a joy to work with them.
They also helped  Barb and a couple of other artist
carry their work to their cars.
They know how to work and only need to be told
once what to do-then they took charge.
They will do well in this world.
Than I took them to Red7 a awesome restaurant in
Lafayette.  I try to meet with them and Brad down
at Purdue University  once a month.
Red7 is our meeting place.
Great memories.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Found a home

This beauty found a home with a friend of mine.
I am so glad Bonnie likes this.
Its always a pleasure to create art and have it find a home.
I have been in computer hell for 10 days.
My desktop is back home but not working like it should.
I cannot get into lot of my programs.
This morning I should get my laptop back.
A weld had come loose and the tech was able
to re weld it. This is my go to computer.
Today is the AQS deadline for Puducah and
all my photos are on the laptop.
Hopefully I am back in business today.