Sunday, March 29, 2015

International Quilt Festival

 It was a busy week attending the International Quilt
Festival with Judy Tucker. She was a nice gal.
 We both demonstrated at the Open Studios.
It was very informative. I learned why it is
important for the sleeve to extend to the top of the quilt.
To hang properly.
 As you can see the quilts with water reflections
caught my eye. This beauty at the sea shore 
was a good example. What a nice quilt.
 These two reflected quilts were also awesome.
I was up close and looking at the stitching.
So much to learn by looking at other

Friday, March 20, 2015

SAQA Auction Quilt

 Yesterday I finished 2 small quilts.
One of them is my donation for the SAQA auction.
Loved this fabric when I bought it.
I made a tote bag from some and have been
Snipping at it little by little.
I think I have a fat quarter left.
They look like quinia hens
 The other quilt is for my Chairs show in august.
Flowers and fences from a photo I took
in Douglas Michigan.
Love the views around Lake Michigan and
the Saugatuck / Douglas area.
Now I must concentrate on my prep for Chicago.
I have learned to start early.
Something always comes up.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So far this week

 Four more small quilts done this week.
Only 4 more to go.
Thanks Goodness.
I am tired of smalls.
 But I must get ready for open studios at the
International Quilt Festival in Chicago.
The Photo to Quilt is almost done.
I just need to do Painted Quilts.
 These quilts are not wonky I took the photos
with them laying on the bed.
I will not do this again.
Well off to bed.
Need to be off early for a pain shot.
Hopefully it will help me handle next week.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Works in progress

 My 3 design boards are full of works done and
works in progress. This board is painted quilting.
I haven't done much with these yet.
The sunset on top is my inspiration.
Lots of work here.
 Board number 2 has completed works on.
Some really  nice smalls here.
I like the sunflower and the bird.
Board number 3 has the 4 projects I will
demo at the International Quilt Festival
in Chicago. I need to prepare my packets
this week so I have everything ready to pack.
Ready for a busy week.
Now off to the studio early.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Life is a beach.

 These two small art quilts are going to be
repeated in a larger size. 
Just looking at them is relaxing
I need 5 larger pieces for my Chair show
and these 2  will do.
It was so nice I opened the windows today.
Makes the house smell so fresh.
 I have been thinking lately that I really
enjoy myself more now that I am retired.
No pressure to be nice to everyone.
I can dress down and leave off the make up
What freedom.
Why does it take so long to realize this.
Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ida Red's

 Not as happy with my art quilts from yesterday.
I need to measure more. Buildings with straight edges
will show up the not so straight lines.
The best of the lot is the tree that stands in front
of Ida Red's coffee shop in Saugatuck in Michigan.
 The old buildings in Minnesota will not make the cut.
The buildings seem off kilter.
Colors are nice but the content leaves something 
to be desired.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Red Chairs

 Monday I finished these 2 quilts the Square is
15 x 15 and the other is 10 x 16.
I now have finished 14 of these small quilts.
My goal is to finish the other 12 by next weekend.
Then I need to move onto the large ones.
I love the grass in the rectangular one.
Makes me long for summer.
Well I am off to the studio to get done what I can.
Have a great day.