Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Morning Glories

 Squeaked out a few minutes on the Morning Glory
quilt this morning. I am liking the colors and
now need to add highlights to the flowers and leaves.
This will be a job for Friday.
Holidays take up time.
 I am thinking of entering this small quilt in the AQS
Chattanooga show. I love the heron and the water.
Today is massage day.
Tomorrow will be cooking for Thanksgiving
Day. Not much time for art this week.
Just time for family and loving on a new
great grandchild.

Friday, November 20, 2015

New work

 I finished a new small house quilt for a show in January.
I also finally got started on a quilt for the IMA in
Indianapolis due January 4th.
Morning Glories.
 I took photos in my garden in September and arranged
them in a way I liked.
Than I made my sketch to follow.
Today I will build leaves and flowers.
The beginning of a new project.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Inspired by nature

 Thought I would show you what inspired me when
I do an art quilt. Usually the finished quilt does not
look exactly like my photo.
I take photographs constantly to record nature that
catches  my eye. When I decide to make a new
piece of art I browse through my photos for ideas.
I like the snow bird better on evergreen branches
than on the wooded branch even though they
really like to perch on branches not the pines.
I am working on a new quilt for an entry into the
SAQA show to be held at the IMA in Indianapolis.
Background squares are sewn now to cut to size.
Than I plan to put morning glories on the foreground.
I will take some photos to share.
Well off to the studio.
I have not been in the studio much lately.
Need to correct that.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Finally back again

 On the way top the Bone and Joint clinic today I passed
the white barn again. My favorite ways to Valparaiso.
Last night getting into bed I twisted and heard a loud
pop. My bone on bone  good knee grinding away.
Thank goodness for cortisone shots.
I should be good as new by Monday.
 The sunsets have been awesome lately.
November is good for sunshine, blue skies, puffy
white clouds, burnt sienna leaves along the roadside
and buff colored grasses blowing in the wind.
except the winds have been gale force the last 3
days. Blows all the leaves in one spot
making it  easy to clean.
 The neighbors are gathering wood for the winter.
The frost has coated everything the last few mornings.
The yard looks pretty good for November.
Thanks goodness I put the lawn furniture under
the garage  porch roof. Only one plastic barrel blew around.
Its a good place today  to be warm inside my cozy house.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday on the Ridge

 Sunday is a peaceful day here at our house.
I will have lunch with our son and his son and
Holly and Owen. We had some sad news this week.
Mark our son's cancer has spread and now it
is a quest to get him in remission for awhile.
The comfort in all of this is that there is a better
place waiting for him. A place with no pain and
sadness.  We will as a strong family make the
days count.  God is with us on this journey and
he will determine the next step.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I love cows

 Early September I took a ride to look at the Niches
properties in Newton county.
I found COWS.
I love cows. They are fascinating.
 It goes back to my childhood on the farm.
They are such peaceful animals.
Munching away on the grass.
Hanging out in groups.
followed by the birds.
We have had such beautiful weather this week.
I plan to enjoy some of it today.
Have a great day.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Looking back

 Face Book  post past photos and this morning
was a gold mine.
Just going back to these from 2 years ago I
have several ideas for art quilts this winter.
 I am so fortunate where I live in that there is
always something beautiful to inspire me.
Sometimes I forget and these photos reminded me.
I am going to the Chesterton Art Center this afternoon
to see the Phlein air painters show.
Doris Myers is coming with me.
Afterwards we will go to Michigan City and pick up
two of my works there from the Southern Shore gallery.
It will be delightful to visit with Ms. Doris my 93 year
young friend. I haven't seen enough of her this year.